In the UK there are a lot of the people living in poverty some due to the fact of being homeless. We ignore them and push them out of our everyday life . I don’t understand why people in our society do this to the less fortunate people who are just like us in some […]

The people that you are about to meet are invisible, people don’t talk about them that much but they are still here. We ignore them and push them out of our everyday life, i don’t understand why the people in our society do this to the less fortunate people that our just like us in many […]

2 things that Cedric struggled with in Ballou high was that He had to go through his education being bullied. He didn’t fit in with any of the crowds so that ment he didnt have any friends. The way that some of the struggles that Cedric has in Ballou high compare whith the struggles at […]

the misfit killed the grandmother The misfit had escaped from prison All of the family died What I think makes a good character is someone whonis interesting and mysterious and brings the story together. Background story Put in prison and he doesn’t know why. Unpredictable, interesting personality trait. The writer allows him to be a […]

‘get in, get out. don’t linger. Go on’ I think that he ment get into the story get out of the story so it quickly and then keep on reading. this makes me want to read on because I want to know more about him and why he classes him self as not a bad […]

In this essay i will be presenting the difficulties of Cedric’s education in part 1 & part 2. This story is about a boy that goes to a school called Ballou high and in this school he finds it hard to get his work done but he finds the time to get it done in […]

what i am trying to do is test how long it takes for  paper helicopters to hit the ground when it is droped from a certen hight and then how long it takes with paper clips attached to the the equipment equipement Ruler we are using a ruler to mesure how high we are going to […]

Repetition can be used for effect. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. The darker you are the better you are.         Perhaps he is saying people stand out.         The repetition is used to empthisize the key point If being black is positive. This song critisizes the […]

The reel is a concept created by academic, MK Asante. He uses it to explain why hip-hop has changed lyrically. In the beginning, hip-hop talked about what happened in New York Brooklyn in 1970 when hip-hop started. At the start of hip-hop all of the emcee’s were rapping about social issues. Social issues in music […]

Running high from police/ throw the nine in the sewer. Fuck 911 pic don’t come. Dad did time cos he said drug for me. First the good years screech then you hear that drum. Had Janari on the streets till the sun came up.